Alcona Downtown Rezoning (Interim Control By-law)


Council approved the replacement zoning by-law regulations on November 25, 2020. The full recommendation Staff Report (DSR-182-20) is available related to the decision for details on the impact of that decision. Further, the 20-day appeal period ended on December 22, 2020, with no appeals received. This means the new zoning changes are now in full effect. 

Council is now scheduled to consider the removal (repeal) of the Interim Control By-law on February 10, 2021. If the ICB is repealed, property owners within the ICB area will once again be able to apply for building permits and submit planning applications in accordance with new zoning provisions. A Staff Report recommending repeal of the ICB will be made live on or around February 3, 2021, viewable on the February 10, 2021 Council Meetings page on CivicWeb


An Interim Control By-law (059-19) was introduced on May 8, 2019. The purpose of the bylaw was to freeze development until study could be undertaken and replacement zoning could be introduced to implement new Official Plan Downtown Commercial Area designations. 

Following a neighborhood open house on February 18, 2020 and public meeting on June 17, 2020, replacement zoning was prepared and originally scheduled for consideration by Council on August 12, 2020. This Staff Recommendation Report can be found on CivicWeb, or by following this link: DSR-117-20 Recommendation ReportOn August 12, 2020, Council extended the current interim control by-law until May 8, 2021, save and except those properties on Lakelands Avenue abutting Lake Simcoe, properties which were removed from future rezoning consideration. The purpose and effect of the extension was to allow the Town of Innisfil to complete a study to assess the suitability of mixed-use zoning on lands designated Downtown Commercial Area within the remainder of the ICB area. A copy of the ICB Extension (By-law No. 073-20) can be found at the bottom of this page. 

New Zoning

The zoning by-law was updated to implement a new Downtown Commercial Area Official Plan designation for certain properties on Innisfil Beach Road.

The new zoning incorporates the following changes:
  • permissions for four and three-storey mixed use structures, with the lowest adjacent to Lakelands Avenue;
  • permissions for stacked townhouses, subject to meeting commercial use requirements on Innisfil Beach Road;
  • restrictions on undesired uses; and
  • enhanced landscaping and building setbacks to transition to the surrounding residential neighborhood.
Read the full replacement zoning by-law for full details. The properties directly impacted by the changes are listed on the webpage.

Please note a concurrent change to the Our Shore Community Planning Permit By-law (062-17) is no longer proposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with my property taxes now that new zoning has been introduced? 
  • Residential taxation will not change until they are redeveloped with commercial use. Where properties are vacant (where there are no buildings on a property) tax rates may change. 
Is the Town going to expropriate or buy properties?
  • Though expropriation is a tool available to the Town where justified and approved by Council, there are no plans to expropriate lands within the area currently affected by the ICB.
Will I be permitted to sell my house? 
  • The Interim Control By-law put a freeze on development on certain lands. It has no effect on the ability of an owner to sell or purchase lands.  A rezoning would not restrict a sale.   
Can I renovate or will this hinder that ability to get a permit?
  • Once the ICB is repealed (scheduled for consideration by Council on February 10, 2021), you would then be able to renovate and obtain permits to maintain your home as a residential dwelling. However, where new non-residential development occurs, it would need to meet the new Zoning provisions.
Supporting Documents & Policies
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