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Interim Control By-law Zoning Changes

4 months ago

A Virtual Public Meeting Has Been Scheduled for June 17, 2020, Starting at 6:30 PM.

A virtual public meeting has been scheduled for June 17, 2020, starting at 6:30 PM. Information on participating in and viewing the Virtual Public Meeting will be added on on June 10, 2020, one week prior to the scheduled virtual meeting.

Written comments can be submitted prior to and following the scheduled Virtual Public Meeting. Information on submitting written comments will be updated on on June 10, 2020  

Information that will be discussed at the Public Meeting, including the most recent informational staff report, can be found at the bottom of this page. On June 10, 2020 an updated Informational Staff Report will be uploaded to the bottom of this page, and will also be made available at CivicWeb.  

Proposed Draft Zoning and Shoreline By-law Changes

Zoning By-law provisions are needed to implement the Downtown Commercial Area Official Plan designations and to lift the Interim Control By-law affecting certain properties on Innisfil Beach Road and Lakelands Avenue.

Staff are working on draft zoning provisions, and considering the following changes:
  • a maximum of four storeys near 25 Sideroad and gradually lowered to a maximum of two storeys near Lake Simcoe
  • Enhanced setbacks to existing residential zones
  • Provisions to support a traditional main street building form on Innisfil Beach Road
  • Imposing restrictions on some uses (e.g. managing noise impacts)
The properties directly impacted by the changes are listed on the webpage.

Please note a concurrent change to the Our Shore Community Planning Permit By-law (062-17) is also proposed, to allow five Lakelands Avenue properties abutting the lake to be regulated under the Town Zoning By-law (080-13).

An online survey has been provided for residents to provide feedback on the draft proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with my property taxes if zoning changes are made? 
  • Even if residential properties are re-zoned to commercial, the residential taxation will not change until they are redeveloped with a commercial use. Where properties are vacant (where there are no buildings on a property) tax rates may shift when a rezoning occurs. 
Is the Town going to expropriate or buy properties?
  • Though expropriation is a tool available to the Town where justified and approved by Council, there are no plans to expropriate lands within the area currently affected by the ICB.
Will I be permitted to sell my house? 
  • The Interim Control By-law has only put a freeze on development on certain lands. It has no effect on the ability of an owner to sell or purchase lands.  A re-zoning would not restrict a sale.   
Can I renovate or will this hinder that ability to get a permit?
  • Once the subject lands are re-zoned, you will still be able to renovate and obtain permits to maintain your home as a residential dwelling. However, where new non-residential development occurs, it would need to meet the new Zoning provisions. 

Supporting Documents & Policies

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  • Dougie5008 3 days ago
    Why are we still discussing this? When the town rolled out these plans to Innisfil residents last year the overwhelming response was NO. Why would we want to rezone a portion of Lakelands Drive to allow anything other than residential on our Lake? Why do we want any form of commercial development on IBR between 25 side road and the Lake? During the summer this road is already crazy busy. Does council not see this? Leave residential and shoreline zones alone. If council wants something to do get the “Mayors Old House” off stilts and finish the mess the previous mayor started.e Someone has an agenda the rest of us are not aware of. Don’t let this happen.
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  • Shel 3 months ago
    Better I think to focus the "downtown" west of 25th. Developments closest to 25th and on the west Limited to maximum 4 storeys, with 3rd & 4th levels set back. Develop such buildings both on south & north side of IBR, all WEST of 25th. For development EAST of 25th only very limited, ie specialty shops repurposing fine old homes, and boutique restaurants & cafes, perhaps one or two restaurants with terraces Right on the Lakeshore. Keep East of 25th predominantly Residential, Cottages, and Parkland. Please. Perhaps a vast underground parking lot under developments along IBR west of 25th, south & north. Parking and Traffic are CRUCIAL Concerns.
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