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D18-2021-001 - 983 and 908 Lockhart Road - Zoning By-law Amendment - Sandy Cove Sheds

Changes to the Town Zoning By-law (File No. D18-2021-001) are being proposed relating to sheds on Sandy Cove Acres properties (983 and 908 Lockhart Road).  The Town's Zoning By-law No. 080-13, Section 4.1.2 a) iv), which currently does not permit any accessory structures on an individual home site, would be updated to allow a storage shed, subject to specific height, size and setback requirements.

The Public Meeting was held June 16, 2021 at 6:30 PM.

The Zoning By-law Amendment was approved June 23, 2021 by Council subject to a 20 day appeal period which expires July 15, 2021 (in which case the By-law would be in force and effect).    The below link provides more information.  Responses to public comments are found in the table in the report (page 3 and 4).

The Approved By-law regulations for sheds (which would be in force July 15, 2021 pending no appeals) are as follows:

1. Minimum distance between a shed and any other street line for an internal special community road shall be 5m. No shed shall be closer to the internal special community road than the home. 

2. Minimum distance from a shed to a home on an adjacent site shall be 3m 

3. Minimum distance from the boundary of a home site that does not abut an internal special community road shall be 1m 

4. Maximum building height for a shed is 3m

5. Maximum site coverage shall be 40% total (shed and home combined), and no shed shall be greater than 15m2 in area (gross floor area or footprint). 

The lands subject to the  Zoning By-law Amendment are shown below:

Link to Existing Town Comprehensive Zoning By-law


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