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The Most Amazing Neighbor

by Karen Frank, over 1 year ago

I used to (for 20 years) live in Gilford and have recently moved to Orillia.  That being said I noticed this Innisfil Program "Snow Angels" on the news and I am sending this note in regards to the MOST AMAZING neighbor next door to me back in Gilford.  Mr. Rob Pearson - on Bayshore Road had his snow blower on the go EVERY TIME it snowed and he did such a wonderful job on his own long driveway and then always did our long driveway as well.  No matter how long it snowed and how hard it endured.  He is a senior and a true angel.  No doubt through the years I stand in a crowd of thousandS that can say they have been touched by Rob's greatness.  A man with numerous health issues of his own he has the GREATEST personality that I have witnessed in a lifetime.  If snow blowing was an Olympic Sport, then give that man a Gold Medal - No make that two Gold Medals.   If you try to thank the man he is politely extremely modest and so through time I have had to be very clever about my material thanks gestures.  I can only think of the good old saying "what goes around, comes around".  I am saying a prayer that when Rob is in need of a good deed (even if I am not there, the deed is readily available for him.

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