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Managing the flow of traffic & those lines!! LOL

by shepparlo, 06 Nov 2019

I don’t understand the new road painting lines. On some routes there’s just a bike lane, some have a bike and buffer and then others have bike, buffer, and parking lanes - sometimes these variances are all on the same street! And some streets have nothing. It’s very confusing and looks like a hot mess. I would have preferred one strategy to be used consistently rather than this. I’ve been an Alcona resident for over 16 years and have not been thrilled with the increased flow of traffic. It seems like all the stores are all centrally located, which is easier for shoppers but makes for a lot more traffic in a small pocket of the town. Everyone’s trying to get in and out of the same places. Spreading things out a little may make the roads feel less like the cities many of us thought we were escaping from.

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Consultation has concluded

K Morph about 1 year ago
You are totally right by this... and the Town is escalating this problem with the loved partner Uber, with hundred of thousand rides, what they called Innisfil Transportation! 180,000 rides means 180,000 cars are more on the road that extend the noise level, the dirt and the environment, but they don't care about this and put us in a terrible new status quo. 180,000 riders are an evidence that a real public transportation is in need in this community, but this administration is throwing the money for subsidies for their loved partner Uber. Isn't it strange?
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