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Cookstown Central Public School is a Nightmare for Parents

by Mdali,

The roads and maintenance in and around Cookstown Central Public School has been an absolutely treacherous experience from the first day I had to drop off and pick up my children. There is not enough shoulder space for parents to safely put their children in the car and there is a very large ditch beside where the cars park that requires a barrier yet all of this has been ignored by the town, the city and the county. There is also an issue with parents crossing the road with their children as many trucks drive up and down highway 27, people do not want to stop for parents crossing and overall it’s a stress-inducing experience for both the drivers and the parents. There has been little to no thought given to the type of obstacles that come with the snow, as well as snow maintenance, with the county contractors ignoring the allotted shoulder space when they plow. If anyone needs to use their stroller when crossing the street (with or without snow) traffic is held up indefinitely as there is not enough space for one to safely get to the sidewalk from the other side of the road. It is a shame that the city has not put more sidewalks, a walkway and a traffic stop in this children-dense area where there are many mothers carrying infants to and from the school.

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