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D14-2021-008 - LSAMI P3 Zoning By-law Amendment and Redline Revision - 1317 Killarney Beach Road

A Zoning By-law Amendment application (File No. D14-2021-008) and subdivision redline revision application has been received requesting changes to the existing Draft Approved LSAMI P3 subdivision (File No. D12-2007-004).  The purpose is to add 6 single-detached lots onto one of the internal streets (Street 'B'),  change the location of a walkway block and provide minor changes to lot and block boundaries within the LSAMI P3 subdivision.

The Public Meeting is scheduled for August 18, 2021, at 6:30 PM.

Supporting Materials:

Existing Draft Approved Subdivision

Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision (Black and White)

Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision (Showing Redline Revision Changes to existing Plan)

Proposed Draft Zoning By-law Amendment

Planning Justification Report

Archaeological Stage 1-2 Report

Groundwater Monitoring

Water Balance

Environmental Impact Study Addendum

Placemaking Brief

Traffic Impact

Noise Study

Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management

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