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Libraries in Innisfil Excel as Community Hub

by mom777, 3 months ago

We came to this community 15 years ago, and the library was one of the first places I visited with my 2 year old.  What a warm and welcoming experience!  Even before the wonderful new library in Alcona was built, we were lucky to take part in events at both the Lakeshore location and in Stroud. At both locations, the staff were extremely well informed, helpful, and super friendly.  When my second child came along, we continued to enjoy many Storytimes, craft-making, Christmas events, seasonal activities, involvement with local artisans, musicians, and more.  As the years have gone by, we continue to appreciate the great resources available, whether just books, movies and games, the ideaLAB, or volunteering opportunities for teens.  As a slightly less frequent visitor in these later years, I was astounded when I dropped in alone and a staff member remembered my sons' names-- considering all the faces they see daily, this is very impressive.  One of the reasons I love living in a town like Innisfil!

Kudos to the all the staff over the years-ones we've met and those behind the scenes.

You all make a huge difference to the community-thank-you. 

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