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It's the place to be inspired

by TOI_resident, 4 months ago

Having a local library means my children can grow up loving literacy in its many forms; foundational (reading and writing), multicultural, technological, computational, computational, digital and especially cultural!

The IPL&L allows residents to have, at their finger tips, access to a diverse array of resources to grow and develop into confident learners, and learn about civic responsibility (think volunteering). It's a hub for the community to come together to share ideas and create a better Innisfil. It's so good at achieving this that the library is renown for its successes and inspiring other libraries to do the same. There are so many memories that my family has at the library that it's hard to pin-point just one but it could've been for being at one of their community events (Makerfest, Seedy Saturday), being a participant in their children's programs, or just learning a new skill in the Hack Lab!

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