Vision Statement

8 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Community First. Future Next. Balance Always.

Our vision guides us to become the community we want to be.  What do you think?

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  • dstott 8 months ago
    As a strategic planner I applaud all of you on a job well done. This plan is balanced and well communicated with a very easy to understand format. It's goals are easy to understand and it paints a very clear picture of the future of Innisfil. I can tell a lot of collaboration and cooperation has happened as a result of this plan and I want to congratulate all involved. As a resident I want to challenge you to take it one step further. Many of your objectives complement each other and answer your question for you. How do you "Plan for and Manage Growth?" through "Promoting Environmental Sustainability", or "Enhancing Movement of People". All the buzz words are there and you've done a great job of making sure not to leave anything or anyone out. However in order to "Develop a Unified Town Identity" you need to make a choice. You need to choose a priority and say for the next 4 or 10 years we are going to focus on __________. Then use that as an experiment if you will to see if that approach moves the needle. If we spent the next 10 years focused on making sure no child went hungry in Innisfil would that move the needle? Would it make a unified Town identity? A Strategic Plan is so often shelved and barely looked at but try to find a way to make this a working document that INSPIRES and helps create the unified identity we have all been talking about for so many years. Yes it may mean you'll have to put a pin in other priorities for the time being but you may find those pins go away over time or are actually helped through the process. People want to feel apart of something bigger than themselves and you all have a great privilege setting the course for this ship. Don't waste the opportunity by being "politically correct." Take a stand and choose a direction. "If you don't know where your going, you'll probably end up someplace else."
  • Angela 8 months ago
    There should be a separate strategic objective that supports both the "balance always" Value and the Strategic Goal to "sustain". This Community Strategic Plan is a good opportunity to get things right and we are long past the post of just promoting or floating Sustainability ideas (3.2). The science is conclusive. Our natural heritage lands are under protected. The life in our Lake and watershed are compromised. We are not required by Provincial Policy to expand our Urban base. I would like to see more immediate policies in the form of official plan amendments that ensure we will honor our stewardship of rural roots and the land upon which we live" Stewardship requires protection and monitoring, remediation and care. Over all, I would much rather see Nature First, Community Balance, and measured results for a better future. Please read and consider some of the facts and wisdom in the link provided below and please feel free to contact Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition and other stewardship partners for more information.