Vision Statement

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

With consideration of all community feedback to date, staff have worked hard to create a vision statement that will help guide the Master Plan. We invite you to review the statement below and comment with your thoughts to help create this collective vision.

All visitors will feel more welcome because the needs of residents and non-resident patrons will be more balanced. Resident priority amenities will be supported throughout the park where practicable. The effects of congestion, which affects the experience of all patrons, will be addressed proactively and boldly.

The Park can offer more when comprehensively planned for a better overall experience, not by only continuing to focus on the shortest walk between a parked car and our busiest assets. The park will be planned for visitors arriving by car, bike, taxi, rideshare, foot, wheelchair and from the water. The pedestrian mode will be elevated within the park and accessibility to the widest range of amenities made a first priority.

Our Park is a part of Our Town. The park will serve as a connection between Lake Simcoe and our Downtown Commercial area. Food service, entertainment, and cultural amenities associated with our Downtown will be drawn into the park to support the park a destination for surrounding lake communities. The park shall be better connected to the surrounding economic, tourism, and cultural destinations of Innisfil.

Places will be planned for their best use in both winter and summer. Winter season recreational and cultural programming in the Park will sustain a year round appeal for the park and provided a focused benefit our local users.

The Park is a place to participate in and witness the culture of Innisfil. Opportunities for arts, entertainment, and culture will be supported through supportive venues, public art initiatives, and high quality of architectural design.

The experience of connecting with water shall be diversified and enhanced at every opportunity. The park interface with Lake Simcoe should strive to be create a unique destination that complements surrounding regional attractions.

The natural splendor of the park will be enhanced. Natural buffers to the shoreline, creeks, and forests will be expanded throughout the park to ensure ecological processes can continue. The waters of Lake Simcoe and urban forest canopy will offer us shade, cooling, and relaxation.

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