Animal By-Law

almost 2 years ago
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This forum is a place where you can express your opinions or concerns about the revision of our Animal By-law. For example, how do you feel about your right to keep pets? Are there pets you wish you could have? Do you think there should be a limit on the number of pets? Tell us your thoughts now!

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Consultation has concluded

  • Candy Bryan almost 2 years ago
    I would like to see the number of pets allowed removed or at least increased. I just dont get how its anyones business how many pets we have, unless you are not a responsible pet owner. There are women who keep spitting out more kids just to get more government money. Thats where we need a bylaw. A responsible pet owner should not have restrictions “within reason” of course but we are being deemed guilty before proven innocent.
  • niccy almost 2 years ago
    I think we should have a noise or barking by law. I have a family that lives houses/ backyards away from us and they let their dog out at midnight and it barks for 30mins at a time non stop. These people let it out again approx 6am and leave it outside again for 20 to 45 min to bark the whole time. We cannot leave our windows open ever or we are waken late at night or early in morning. I can't imagine the families closer to this dogs home!! The poor Dog barking all the time!!! This continues through out the day. And I'm serious! In the afternoon and then after dinner. If you want fresh air while watching a movie forget it in my area! So yes I think there should be a larger penalty for people that don't take care of their dogs/puppies and to think all us neighbours want to hear that all the time?? I have posted this on group chats and this dog has been heard across fields to other houses. How can we prevent this? This is also in cold months. Poor dog!
  • Ashcass almost 2 years ago
    Having a dog beach like in wasaga beach would be amazing. My dog likes to cool off in the water too and my kids love playing with him on the beach. He's a part of our family and very well behaved. Our society is so backwards when it comes to pet ownership, not allowing dogs places certain times is ridiculous. If the dog is causing a problem, sure ask the owner to leave with the animal but the majority of dogs are more well behaved than some children.
  • Cindy almost 2 years ago
    Where do I start? Neighbours on 2 sides of me have very long weeds in their backyards and they both have dogs that they don't clean up after. I gagged tonight mowing my lawn! Now if they get chickens that will be unbearable.
  • TheRobinCrowed about 2 years ago
    There are many by-law changes which would make animal ownership more appealing to residents. The restrictions on the number of animals (dogs) should be raised. Responsible pet owners are able to house and care for multiple pets, without making an issue for anyone else; restricting to two is unreasonable. A prior comment on this forum made a very worthy point, that when one of two dogs becomes old and ready to pass on, the addition of a younger dog can help the painful transition for humans and animals alike. This really applies for any pets. If a particular household abuses the fair number of animals, then yes ~ restrict them on a case by case basis. Only non-responsibility requires policing. Give responsibile adults the credit they deserve. There is also no reason a pet friendly beach area could not be easily accommodated at the Roberts Road end of the Innisfil Beach Park We did put the Off Leash Park in a place where a drive is required (and not by choice ~ I speak from Committee experience as the Chair) and we owe it to the community to make water and cooling access to pets a reality.
  • Gale G about 2 years ago
    The bylaw not allowing dogs within 15meters of the waters edge needs to be gotten rid of. They, just like humans, need to be able to cool down & or have a drink. Keep the no dogs allowed between 9:00am & 8:00pm on weekends & stat holidays if you must, BUT, enforce this bylaw not just for residents but the tourists who bring their dogs with them for the day.
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    • Slim about 2 years ago
      I have been in Innisfil for over 60 yrs and it’s people who pollute , not animals !
    • Kyle about 2 years ago
      I agree. I understand that some people would still have an issue with it which is why it would be nice to see an area designated as a dog beach. I know thats what Wasaga Beach does. That way people know that if they swim there, there may be dogs. It wouldn’t have to be at the main beach. The mini beach at the end of the 7th line or 6th line would work well. (Sorry if my streets are incorrect).
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      • Gale G about 2 years ago
        The bottom of Roberts Rd at the north end of Innisfil Beach patk would be a good spot.
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        • TheRobinCrowed about 2 years ago
          A dog beach (or dog friendly beach) would work nicely at Roberts Rd end of Innisfil Beach Park and there is no reason not to allow dogs in the water at road ends. Anyone who still believes a dog will soil in the water is madly misinformed. Yet people ‘go’ in the water all the time.
    • Susanne about 2 years ago
      Agree with he above, however, would like to see dogs kept to a separate area where people can swim as well, if they wish to do so.
  • catherine about 2 years ago
    Enough with the regulations already!!! My neighbour, who is a very responsible dog owner, just got fined $2000 because a new neighbour in a new house behind him complained that the dogs barked too much. He has lived near me for years and the dogs were never a problem. I have more problems with people playing their music loudly. This is a semi-rural community, we smell cows and chickens and horses. Not everyone likes animals, so go live in a pet-free high-rise in Toronto and stop trying to impose city lifestyles on the rest of us.
  • ffrenchman about 2 years ago
    Cats need to be leashed if outside. Just like any other pet, the owner should be responsible and cannot be letting their cat wander around their neighbourhood. We have had many birds killed at our feeder, fish taken from our pond, not to mention driving other animals crazy while being in their yard.....oh ya, and there's the poop issue (cats will use gardens/sandboxes).
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    • about 2 years ago
      A lady once put my sisters cat on a leash to bring the cat to our house (as if the cat was lost). The cat bolted and hung itself on our fence where we found him dead. It was really tramatic (15 years ago)- We do have a cat on our street that beats up our cat on our own property and cats do prowl a lot around the neibourhood. But I feel , cats will be cats.
  • x0babbi_savannahx0 about 2 years ago
    i have sent in my concerns and response, it will only cause mad drama, Its better this way...
  • Ron about 2 years ago
    Would like to see By Law enforce leash laws in the small community parks in and around many neighbourhoods. Off leach dogs are constantly walking along the fence lines and urinating on peoples gardens and even their dogs if they should get in the way. It is a noise nuisance as well as this is causing dogs in many backyards to bark incessantly when off leach dogs are allowed to wander the fence line.
  • Winstonsmom about 2 years ago
    Cats are a huge problem on our street. One house has at least a dozen and many outdoors who cry all day and night, fight, and spray everywhere as none of them appear to be fixed. Digging in gardens and pooping everywhere. I’m sure they wouldn’t like it if I let my dog do this on their property. It’s irresponsible and sad.
  • Ang.Mike about 2 years ago
    Is there a draft copy of the revision or at least a list of what changes are being considered?
  • mfrena about 2 years ago
    Living between neighbours with two dogs on either side the current household limit is quite reasonable. I put up with enough dogs barking at me every time I set foot in my backyard.
  • Pomchick about 2 years ago
    I too believe that if you are a responsible pet owner and a considerate neighbour, you shouldn't be limited to a specific number or type of animal. Some people I know shouldn’t have children let alone pets so I can appreciate the difficulty in making these bylaws... ive always felt it odd that municipalities never ask if our pets receive regular veterinary care... this to me would prove that you are a responsible pet owner.....
  • pudseyposse about 2 years ago
    Definitely should be a limit on pets. There should be a law that all cats and dogs are microchipped. Irresponsible owners should be fined heavily for neglecting animals and for not picking up dog poop. This should be heavily enforced. We have a never ending battle with cat poop in our gardens! Not sure what to do about that to be honest? 3-4 chickens should be ok, definitely NO roosters though - it's bad enough having to hear barking dogs all the time without being woken up at the crack of dawn to a Cock a doodle do! lol
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    • pudseyposse about 2 years ago
      Since when is a rooster going 'cock a doodle do' bad language - please explain
  • Faran1078 about 2 years ago
    By-laws limiting numbers and types of animals don't address the fundamental problem that some people shouldn't even have a goldfish let alone a cat, dog or other pet. But this isn't the forum for that discussion. I believe that, if you are a responsible pet owner and considerate neighbour, you shouldn't be limited by an arbitrary number or type of animal. I would add the caveat "within reason" but that is already implied by the words "responsible" and "considerate." Obviously some official regulations are required for those who aren't which, unfortunately, have to apply to all. I was astounded when my neighbours were forced to give up their chickens. Not only were they a source of fresh eggs, they were family pets. Their children were devastated at the loss of their feathered friends. You are even allowed to have chickens in parts of the city of Toronto, but not in partially rural Innisfil? How every counterintuitive. And I also read here that rabbits aren't permitted? This is a very common pet! Astonishing! The bylaws most definitely need to be revisited and revamped, with the view that it be stressed that the animals being permitted are most definitely being kept as pets and not being raised for slaughter.
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    • Billloucks about 2 years ago
      I’d agree with the chickens (hens) and rabbits, I’m not sure the point of limiting these. But dogs, not so much. It is unfortunate for dog owners, but rules like that are made for the lowest common denominator. The neighbour that lets their dog poop everywhere, the one that’s dog howls all day that they are gone, the irresponsible owner. Having laws with caveats are too hard to enforce. Unless you could apply for some kind of permit or something, that could be worth exploring.
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      • Jamjam about 2 years ago
        Neighbour has hens or chickens. They always are up howling early in morning when you are trying to sleep. You want to keep chickens,buy a farm. You want free range fresh eggs,go to mrs Edwards farm on 9th line
    • TRut about 2 years ago
      Definetly agree. There are a couple animals that fall under the far livestock category, which in 2018 would be considered pets. Ie, chickens, mini goats and pigs etc.
  • Shan about 2 years ago
    I too agree on the allowance of a limited number of chickens. Hens only, no roosters. We have every right to grow our own food. I dont know that slaughtering should be permitted but... We were also forced to give up our 5 hens last year. They were well cared for, clean and kept confined to our yard. I am a retired vet tech. These birds were of no issue but served as a great source of eggs for our family. They were our beloved pets and our neighbours were equally frustrated and saddened to see them go. There still remains to be chickens in our neighbourhood...its wrong why some can stay and ours had to go. Clearly a neighbour with nothing better to do. We back onto a bush and have a large property. I feel we should be able to educate our children. We tap our maple trees, we grow our own vegetables, we should be able to have chickens too. As far as health risks, dogs come with risks too. There are also zoonotic diseases with dogs. An unkept yard full of dog feces irresponsible but yet this is accepted. I would hope that this issue is revisited. Chickens should be allowed in small reasonable numbers, after all like I said theres nothing better than raising our own food and that right should not be taken away from us. Providing they are properly cared for. If Toronto allows it...get on board Innisil...
  • AmandaS about 2 years ago
    I agree that we need to increase the number of dogs allowed per household. Also many people do not register with the town yearly due to the cost and that its notmthe most dog friendly town. Also there are many communities that don't charge for the yearly registration if the dog is spayed/neutered and microchipped. Far more people register their pets in these areas. The dog park was built way out of the way so it can only be accessed by car. There should be an area down at Innisfil Beach where the dog park should be. Also there should be an area or time that dogs are allowed to swim. It is excellent exercise for them and they enjoy it just as much as we do. I don't have interest in chickens or rabbits but I do not see a reason for people to not be allowed to own them. Even the bylaws on reptiles need to be reviewed as well
  • lindanewton about 2 years ago
    I have two dogs of my own and wanted to foster a dog from time to time but with the 2 dog bylaw I am unable to do that. I like to help out rescues when I can. I have thought of having hens at my place but unable to at the moment. We are trying to teach the young to live off the earth and eggs are a simple way to start.
  • amben1 about 2 years ago
    I'd like to put a by-law on outdoor cats within a town. I have cleaned up my fair share of poop on my lawn, porch and in my backyard, and the funny thing is, I don't have any pets. It's cats. They even go into our shed and poop. People are also ricking their cats lives having them outdoors in a town. I've seen many social media posts about a cat getting run over. Keep your cats inside, in town.
  • macmom about 2 years ago
    I think we should be able to have chickens in our yards for fresh eggs, if the lot size is large enough. Many of us have 200 feet lots and plenty of room for a few chickens. I don’t think amount of dogs in a household matters as long as they are taken care of properly. O household can have just one dog in their home and disrupt the neighbourhood with it. I don’t like dogs on the beaches at all, they have a dog park already, take them there. I am a dog owner and don’t find it necessary to take my dog to the beach, too many children there and too many owners are not responsible to clean after their dogs. Rabbits should also be allowed as pets as well...
  • Tina Fink about 2 years ago
    I think DOGS should be allowed at the Beach any time of day- leashed of course. I think making a dog beach is a great idea as well. Additionally I think the limit should be raised to 3 per household.
  • Jenlspcr about 2 years ago
    I think that pet licensing should be a one time fee which would last the pet's lifetime. Other towns and cities have moved to this by law and I feel that more people would be inclined to obtain a license for their pet if it was just once, rather than an annual process. Additionally you should be able to apply for a said license online rather than having to go to City Hall.
  • chortt about 2 years ago
    We need to repeal the by-law -"No dogs are allowed within 15 metres (50 feet) of the water’s edge at any time". Dogs need to cool down just like kids and adults. They of coarse would not be in the water saturday, sundays and holidays 9:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.
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    • Weebeagle about 2 years ago
      Animals get hot too and the lake is a great way for them to get a drink. Let's compromise and have the bylaw restricted to times on Saturday, Sunday and Stat holidays. This leaves us the weekdays to have our dogs in the water.
  • Jacq about 2 years ago
    Increase the number of dogs to 3, most other municipalities allow 3 and have heard of several people moving here and being shocked and traumatized as they have 3 furry babies.
  • LouiseAndrews about 2 years ago
    I agree the number of dogs allowed should be increased. The only time an animal should be removed from their owner is the protect the animal or community through a fair review process. Should have consultation through a vet and animal behaviorist.
  • wallen about 2 years ago
    I agree with the suggestion to increase the number of dogs to three. Responsible pet ownership is the key to caring for any number of dogs (or any pet). Keeping your property clean and controlling noise are important. Put the time and effort into training your dogs so they are under your control.
  • Sarahr about 2 years ago
    Most subdivisions in innisfil have huge lots and we should be able to keep rabbits, chickens or pigeons if kept respectfully. I can see stricter by-laws in the new subdivisions but not when we have 200’ lots.
  • Jay about 2 years ago
    I agree pigeons should be aloud when they are a member of a governing organization that has rules and guidelines.
  • Md9 about 2 years ago
    Pigeons should be acceptable pets when the owner Is a member of a large organization like CANADIAN RACING PIGEON UNION. They have rules and guidelines members must obey which include presentation , up keep and training. This is a sport that has been around for thousands of years and is a great hobby for a family. I personally have attended schools to teach kids about the hobby. It's a shame by laws are killing such a historic sport and hobby
  • Lantonio04 about 2 years ago
    I agree with the request to keep hens in the settlement areas. I was dumbfounded when I found that despite very rural roots, the town wouldn't allow chickens anywhere you could find a cluster of houses on the map!
  • Cb2018 about 2 years ago
    Expand the areas permitted to keep racing and fancy pigeons. Expand areas to include settlement areas. Increase dogs to 3
  • MerryMickey about 2 years ago
    We have just moved here from Sudbury where the bylaws are much different with dogs. We planned on getting another fur baby when we got here but can't now. I would like to see the number of dogs allowed increased. We have 2, and when one starts to get older, as he is now, we are unable to get a younger pup to help with the coming loss of the other one's best friend. Also reading the comments I noticed that chickens are being requested, I agree with this and had no idea they were not. I planned on trying to have a coop. It can be very difficult with coyotes, and I noticed there are a lot here, but I had not yet looked at the bylaws. Definitely would like to see that changed but regulated in a way to make sure it is being done responsibly.
  • stejacks about 2 years ago
    Limits on number of pets has been proven over and over to impact only good pet owners. I'd love to see Innisfil take after Calgary's awesome animal control bylaws, and to also include chickens in settlement areas!
  • Carolina about 2 years ago
    Also, why not permit hens (not roosters) within the settlement area? Two or three hens are easy to keep and everyone loves fresh eggs!
  • Carolina about 2 years ago
    I think it is odd that the current by-law prohibits the keeping of a rabbit within the settlement areas, given that they are fairly popular pets.