Will the robot operate on its own?

    The Cookstown snowbot will have a human chaperone to accompany the robot as an added layer of safety for this winter.

    How does the robot know what to avoid?

    A depth sensing camera is used for depth sensing of nearby people, animals, and any objects of interest.

    Will it know where to stop?

    A total of 6 emergency stops (E-stops) will be positioned throughout the front, sides and back of the robot to ensure that no matter where someone is in relation to the robot, the emergency stop easily be pressed to mechanically stop the robot if needed. The robots are designed to be ADA-compliant so folks in wheelchairs can comfortably reach the buttons if needed. The plow is loaded with a variety of advanced sensing equipment that would also stop the robot if it came into contact with something.  The visual sensors and other sensing equipment should prevent contact from ever happening.

    How many snowbots will there be in Cookstown?

    We will have 2 or 3 snowbots in Cookstown, one of which will be named from a pool of suggestions made by residents.