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My Friendly Neighbour

by ashleyhargan, 05 Dec 2019

Hi there. My name is Ashley and I am writing this story in order to give thanks to a beautiful woman and her Husband who helped my Family and I when we were in need.

A little back story I am currently 6 months pregnant and my Husband was off work due to a work injury so niether one of us were in a position to shovel our driveway after this years first snowfall. With out hesitation my friendly neighbour Reanne and her Husband who live in Alcona and not even right next door drove over to my house quickly and shoveled my driveway with out wanting anything in return. From what I understand she did a few of her friends driveways that day. With out you we would have been un able to use our driveway so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such kind people.

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