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Absolutely The BEST Neighbours!!!

by Tangogrey, over 1 year ago

My next door neighbours are absolutely the BEST! Bart has not only been helping me with my snow for years, but now that his son is older, that awesome little man is even coming over on his own to offer his help too! Being older and somewhat physically 'challenged', it's very hard for me to manage especially the extra large bank of snow and frozen ice the plows leave behind on the end of my driveway because of the inside curve I live on, BUT they have done even more to often shovel out my front walkway as well!...which is SO thoughtful and compassionate. I feel blessed and proud to be living in this Innisfil neighbourhood of such caring people, as just the other day after not seeing me 'out' for quite some time, Bart rang my doorbell just to see if I was OK! If we were ALL a little more attuned to helping, and giving of whatever small service or talent we can share with or provide to others, what a happier and more peaceful world it would be! Karma rules, and I believe we all get back much more than we feely and generously give! Thank you Bart, AND your precious son for everything!

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