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A REAL Good Samaritan!

by Tangogrey, over 1 year ago

I'd just like to acknowledge and publicly thank my awesome neighbour Tony for all the times he's gone out of his way to help me by plowing my driveway in the winter. I live on an inner street curve where because of how our snowplows navigate this curve, I always wind up getting the brunt of the street's snow (from either direction) dumped directly in front of my particular driveway. I'm at my wits end when this happens, as I am physically 'challenged' and barely able to manage the regular snow in my large(er) driveway...never mind the growing 'wall' of compacted snow and ice that the town's plows leave behind (often repeatedly in one day or night) while it snows. This often turns into a solid ridge of ice chunks when it's very cold that is near impossible for me to I've literally been 'snowed in' and unable to get my car out of my driveway for long durations, many times. What a blessing it's been to have needed to go out and upon looking out, amazingly see that both my driveway AND especially the heavy 'ice' wall at the foot of my driveway had been plowed! I didn't know by whom at first and was nonetheless extremely grateful to that compassionate soul...but I did find out later that it was mainly my second neighbour Tony who was my snow angel, and I am SO thankful for his compassion and kindness, never having been asked! If we would ALL do more 'unto others as we would have them do unto ourselves' our own unique way, whatever our skill or capacity is...what a world this could be! Thank you Tony!!!...what goes around WILL come around!  

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