How many units or storeys will this development be?

    To be determined.

    The next step is for the project to go through the required planning approval process where these details will be discussed. 

    The public planning approvals required will include an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law Amendment. Staff and the public will have an opportunity to provide input on the project through these processes.  

    How does this project align with our Strategic and Official Plan?


    CONNECT 2.4 Enhance Civic Engagement

    We will create the opportunities for the Town and the community to work collectively to solve shared problems, make informed decisions, set civic priorities, and bring about positive social change.

    SUSTAIN 3.2 Promote Environmental Sustainability

    We will develop policies, strategies and approaches with a view to improving the current environmental situation. We will work to protect and enhance the Town’s natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of climate change on the delivery of municipal services.


    14.3 Housing Diversity & Affordability

    To promote and encourage partnerships between the Town, County of Simcoe and other housing agencies and community groups to provide affordable housing options for all individuals.