The Time of Forest (Le Temps des Forests) Review

by judy2015, 4 months ago

The Time of the Forest is a documentary that goes beyond outlining the dangers of deforestation to the dangers of bad reforestation practices on our planet. A reminder of what nature needs to thrive versus what economic systems want for lucrative profits. The negative impact of the mono-culture of Douglas Fir Pines, whereby 9 out of every 10 trees planted by industry is a Douglas Fir because of its quick and lucrative yield of wood, is made evident. These forest plantations truly are "Black Forests" devoid of birds, and bio-diverse species which negatively impact nature and human well-being.

The documentary is also inspiring as it show the valiant efforts of true foresters growing and protecting public forests that include wild life, birds and a variety of tree species. After watching, one is inspired to plant a tree, so long as it is anything but a Douglas Fir.

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