Hondar 2050 Review

5 months ago

"Litter is a human word because only humans produce litter"

Hondar 2020 is a film that makes you think about taking responsibility for everything that you buy and dispose of - what am I purchasing, what is it made of, and how long would it take for this to decompose? Sadly, it's not until you realize how something can affect your day-to-day life before you take it seriously, and this film does an excellent job at making the viewer understand that just because they throw something away, doesn't mean that it may not affect them in one way or another; and also, just because you can't see pollution [concentrated heavily in one area] doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

I was shocked to learn that since it's invention, all plastic still remains on this planet. I think the most important message, however, is that we need to stop blaming less environmentally responsible countries for pollution and start blaming ourselves. Lastly, I'm left feeling inspired to participate in local efforts to clean up my community!

I rate this film a 7/10 for strong messaging and 8/10 for artistry (I really enjoyed that the story was woven into the life of a man who makes politically charged art out of the litter he finds on his local beach).

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