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THANK-YOU to all of the courageous Essential Support Services Personnel - Now, the rest of us must do our part.

by Debbie in Alcona, 2 months ago

In an effort to do something constructive and reach out to our community with love & support, and to reinforce the big message to all, I have made a large poster for my front porch.

While we don't ever wish for bad things to happen, this is the time when we see others truly SHINE. I am so grateful to all of the essential services people who are putting themselves on the front line in the face of danger to serve and support the rest of us - our local grocery, drug and hardware stores, my god all of those in healthcare fields, Town services and so many others who are doing great work behind the scenes. I am moved by the outpouring of support that I am hearing about from businesses who are making extraordinary contributions by donating medical equipment, resources, distillers & brewers making hand sanitizer, etc. We are blessed to have them all. Given what they are doing for us, we must now do our part.

I've also encouraged my neighbours to come out each night at 7:30 pm to MAKE SOME NOISE, to cheer and show our gratitude to all in Essential Services and to connect with each other; our neighbours who are doing their part to keep everyone safe.

Each one of us does make a difference. SHINE ON everyone :)

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