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Love the library, wish there were better non-ice facilities

by Carolina, over 1 year ago

I am an adult with no children. While I do enjoy skating, the fact that there are no weekday evening public recreational skating times (the only times I'd be available to go) means that the ice surface is sort of useless to me. 

I do use the library avidly, however, and take Zumba classes in the banquet hall. It would be really nice to have a larger, better-stocked library, with space for library programs,  and it would be nice to have a space more suitable for fitness classes (the banquet hall has slippery floors, no mirrors, poor lighting, and poor temperature control) as well as meetings, etc.

I do feel that the arena/library/community centre is a community hub, and it is really the only public space in Stroud that serves this function. Losing this hub would be a real pity for the community.

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Consultation has concluded

bob dudley over 1 year ago
Looks like I missed the town survey but here's my 2 cents worth anyway. The statistics provided in about # of residents per rink are somewhat meaningless unless you know what the average should be planned at. Did Innisfil build too much recreation, or has Barrie built too little? The town should have that at its fingertips. Also, we need to know the growth projections to know when the population grows to match or exceed our capacity. Plus we should also need to know if hockey is a growth sport or in decline. Also the town should know this. And don't limit it to hockey, what about broomball or lacrosse Without having all the right information it's hard to come up with the right solutions. But here's my thought on the existing arena. Move the library and banquet facility to another location. Turn the upstairs into a Wildwings(or some other restaurant, open year round with liquor license). Put window overlooking the rink. Now let them manage it. Rent out the rink for kids birthday parties and the restaurant can host the party. Fix up the main lobby, and use the library space to expand it and make it more usable for parents, spectators etc and improved snack bar, possibly run by the restaurant above so they are not competing but complimenting each other. I know, not a new idea, it's already being done elsewhere.....but it seems to work elsewhere. Also, have open hockey time/shinny during the day, ie $5-10 per hour. If there's a restaurant and snack bar etc, people could play hockey for an hour or so and finish with some wings and a beer. And lastly, if Barrie has such a shortage based on the original article, surely they could use more or our ice time.
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Joshua Richard over 1 year ago
The only time I actually go to the Arena was for baseball practices and rare ice skating times. I’m talking once a year rare, I usually go to the Alcona centre instead. Making a workout facility and possibly a gym (basketball court, etc) would be a good addition. I strongly believe adding an indoor soccer field would be a huge addition because a lot of people play soccer around here, and when I played we had to travel all the way to the Bradford soccer dome or Barrie soccer dome for indoor soccer practices because school gyms weren’t the BEST option.
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